Ruby & Reno litter was born July 25th 2019

Rubinrott Barin Vom Hognadottirs & Carino Von Der Alten Welt

If you are interested in a pup please read below info

Lieka & Reno litter was born Aug 4th

Carino Von Der Alten Welt (owned by Von Der Rogue Rottweilers)

OFA Hips & Elbows JLPP clear


Rubinrott Barin Vom Hognadottirs

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please look over our puppy questionnaire, print it and fill it out and email back to me, or copy & paste and email to us at or send to Highland Rottweilers at P O Box 157 Beatty, OR 97621  or at least answer all the questions in your own words if you have difficulty with the form. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, The questionnaire is to be sure my pups go to the very best FOREVER homes and that I  provide you with the info you need to be aware of how to raise, train and care for your puppy and adult. We provide lifelong help with the raising, training and help you may need for your dog. Please  read the health handouts & contract. Once the questionaire process is complete, I will accept a non refundable deposit to hold your pup. thanks

                                                   Puppy Questionaire

Please take the time to fill out my questionnaire, I've tried to make it simple and hopefully not intimidating, h

However I feel its very important for me to know these answers  to be sure you will be happy with your pup and I will  know you will be informed of everything you need to be a great forever home for the dog you choose. Not everyone is informed on new info that impacts the health of your pup as he/she grows.

Name (first and last)________________________________________________________________




1 what makes you feel that a rottweiler is the right breed for you? Have you researched the breed?___________________________________________________________________________

2 What are your intentions for the dog,? Breeding, showing, pet, protection, service dog, what trianing do you plan to do?    please explain___________________________________________________________________________

3 What sex do you prefer, and why, and are you open to either?________________________________

4 Do you plan to spay or neuter your dog and if so what age do you feel is best for you and your dog?_______

5 Do you own your own home, if so does your insurance cover a rottweiler?________________________

6 If renting , do you have permission from landlord to own a rottweiler?___________________________

7 Do you have a fenced yard, if so how big or if a kennel how big, do you have a place to keep dog from ruining your landscape? Please explain__________________________________________________________________________

8 Do you currently have dogs, cats, or other animals, if so what kind and how many?______________________

9 Have you owned or known rottweilers before, if so how many and what sex, were they neutered?____________

10 Do you have fleas or ticks in your area, & if so how do you deal with them?_____________________________

11 Do you plan to crate train your pup and have you raised a pup before and potty trained? do you have a dog door?___

12 Will the dog live in house or outside or both?___________________________________________________

13 Will someone be home with the pup durring the day or night to feed and let out for play time? _________________

14 Does anyone have pet allergies that lives in the house?_______

15 What family members or others live in your home, are there children, how old if so?_____________________

16 Is this pup a surprise for someone?_______ If so expain__________________________________________

17 Have you thought about the type of food a rottweiler pup/adult will eat, and cost?_________________________

18 If interested in breeding, have you bred any other dog before, if yes please explain?_______________________

19 What is the layout of home and yard, big house, yard, mobile home, duplex, stairs in home or out door or off deck,   floor surfaces?___________________________________________________________________________

20 If the dog needed to be re-homed, for any reason, are you willing to allow me to  assist in re-homing it?____

21 Are you willing to sign a contract on your puppy?________

I have read all the health info including hips and elbows, vaccines and flea treatments and the puppy contract and I

 understand it and agree to it____

 Do you have any questions for me, about our dogs and how they are raised?

Thank you!  Please either copy and fill out to paste back to me or print and email back

Highland Rottweilers  Sales agreement

Karen Motz

P O Box 157

Beatty, OR 97621


Puppy name_____________ AKC Litter #______________ male___female___                                                                                                                                                      Limited Reg (no breeding rights)_____

Full Reg (breeding rights)__________                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This pup is sold to : name & address____________________________________________


For the total purchase price of $__________deposit received$_____________


   I understand that this pup, if sold as a pet (limited reg) is NOT for breeding and will be kept from breeding and/or neutered after he/she is at least 2 years old. Earlier neutering will void any health guarantee as hormones are important for your dogs health during growth stages (including hip dysplasia & elbow dysplasia). Early neutering removes the hormones that regulate bone growth, causing the bones to grow at a different rate than the ligaments and cartilage. 

   If he/she is sold with breeding rights (full reg), he/she will be at least 24 months of age and have had ex rays of hips and elbows sent and evaluated by either OFA, Penn Hip OR BVA, and have a rating of fair or better on hips with OFA or better than 50% rating through Penn Hip and no more than a grade 1 on elbows. Also that no breeding shall ocurr unless at least one or both dogs  JLPP tested clear. All pups sold with breeding rights will have me listed as a co owner until after the  above health tests are approved, to ensure no registration of puppies until proof of tests. At that time I will remove my name from the papers. Dogs for breeding must also be only bred to other Rottweilers that are AKC and have same requirements for health tests.

   All vet costs are the responsibility of the purchaser and breeder is not responsible for vet bills or damages done by the dog, including biting someone.

   Breeder provides NO guarantee as to any health issues the pup may acquire after it leaves the breeders care. The pup will have had a health vet check from my vet prior to its 1st vaccine. Please read the vaccine info provided. Your pup is not fully protected from comunical diseases until after the entire set of vaccines is complete.  Please have your puppy vet checked withing 72 hrs of taking it home for current health  status. If you allow your vet to give Lepto 2 or Lepto 4 vaccines at any age or give flea treatments using chemicals, including Nexguard, Advantix & any other chemical based treatment, NO HEALTH GUARANTEE!     Lepto 2 & 4 vaccines have high risk to your dog, especially in pups, causing organ failure and many other issues often not detected immediatly, and in some dogs causing eventual death. You are the owner and have the right to refuse certain vaccines & toxic flea treatments!  Many flea treatments are also causing health issues, including allergies, death & organ failure! If you have flea and tick issues please try natural remedies first! One place to look is

   Because studies show, the cause of hip and elbow dysplasia is less than 20%  inherited in the Rottweiler, which leaves over 80% of causes to be environmental, including injuries, improper diet, improper supplements &  dog is allowed to play on slick surfaces, kept crated more than 4 hours a day (besides night time) fed the wrong diet (should be eating a high quality non grain free food), allowed to be over weight or grow at too fast of rate by not keeping the dog on the thin side while growing, allowed to have free access to stairs or allowed to jump on and off furniture and in and out of vehicles, decks or allowed or pushed to play rough with other pets or people ALL GUARANTEE OF HEALTH REGARDING HIPS AND ELBOWS IS VOID  (even with vet statement), as these are environmental factors that are out of my control once pup leaves my care. This includes OCD  Osteochonditis Dissecans & ACL  torn cruciate ligament & Heart Disease.  If all the above has been followed as I recommend & the dog should show it has a genetic fault causing it to be unhealthy or not breedable that is directly a genetic factor, and is in writing from a licensed veterinarian  (that I have agreed to, possibly requiring a 2nd opinion) stating so, breeder will either refund 1/2 of the purchase price or replace with another pup when available. I  agree to read all of the literature provided by the breeder to assure my pups health, and send regular photos of pup and inform breeder of any health issues imediatley if they should occur. I also understand that if my dog should need to be re-homed at any time of its life, I agree to contact breeder and allow them to assist in finding the best home or approving a home I choose. By signing this agreement I am stating that I have read & understand all of the info the breeder has recomended that I read.______________________


This is to let you know the most basic and important things to NOT DO or DO


Remember your puppy is a BABY, until he/she is a year old consider them your baby. Would you put your baby at the top of the stairs and go to the bottom and call them. Of course not they may fall and injure themselves. Your puppy may fall and injure its self. Even if it falls and gets up and acts fine it may do un-reparable damage to its tendons and ligaments that are forming. Remember, there are very tender parts forming including cartilage. The heavier the pup or dog is the harder the fall and the more damage it may get. Even just the act of running up and down stairs without falling can damage your puppy, The forces of jumping is hard. Its fun to have them in your lap and on the bed or sofa, but if you do, please help them down, again the forces of jumping is something they would not do in nature and bad for them. People think because they can jump up and down in their car or truck bed that it is ok. Please don't let them jump down, catch their fall or lift them or get them a ramp. 


Although you may think your dog is not overweight & your vet doesn't tell you he/she is overweight, this doesn't mean he isn't growing too fast. Your dog will grow to the same size eventually regardless of how long it takes him to get there. The pup needs to be lean, look almost thin, during the 1st year of growth. People will say "Oh your dog looks skinny". Just tell them he is healthy! Please refer to  the chart on this. Overweight dogs even after a year, & for their entire life will have more joint or back or other health issues than under weight dogs. Even cancer rates are higher in overweight dogs. When the puppy grows at the maximum rate, it increases their chances of improper joint formation. There is so much involved in the growth of the bones, joints, cartilage  and tissues that its too much to go into without a biology class.

              VACCINE & FLEA INFO

After reading everything I could on vaccines both online & on natural 

sites on facebook and chatting with others I consulted in both a 

natural vet & my traditional vet on vaccines. Dogs are being over 

vaccinated in most cases. They do not need vaccines every year! There 

are also a couple of diseases that you may want to do your own 

research on, but from what I have read are both unnecessary and 

dangerous! This is the Leptospirosis and kennel cough. Kennel cough is like flu 

shots that people get. There are many strains of kennel cough and 

your dog will recover from it as long as he/she is healthy and you 

take them to the vet if it gets bad. It is transmited by coughing and 

sneezing so if it is going around, keep your dog away from others. 

This vaccine is called Bordatella.  Don't take my word for it, google it.
Leptospirosis on the other hand has a new 4 way vaccine that is killing dogs 

over night! It is a disease rarely found and is contracted from 

drinking dirty water where rodents have peed. Again the disease is 

curable but affects the kidneys, so if your dog gets sick, take them to 

the vet. It is only found in certain areas so you can google it to find 

out how many cases are in your area.

Parvo and distemper are quite dangerous and its important to know 

how a puppies immune system works and why they need a series of 

shots 3 weeks apart. Pups get their immunities from their mom both 

while she is pregnant and from nursing, as long as the mother is 

immune to the disease she will pass a certain amount to the pups, 

but not all pups get the same amount of immunities from their mom. 

Sometimes they don't get as much 1st milk or mothers ability to pass 

it on is weak. At ABOUT 6 weeks of age to 4 months of age the 

pups immunities start to wear off. As long as they do have mothers 

immunity. a vaccine is voided by the immune system! It will take 3 

weeks for the vaccine to create a new immunity, but only if mothers 

immunities are gone! So we vaccinate every 3 weeks until 4 months to 

be sure the pup has immunities. You may hear that vaccines shed, 

leaving parvo or distemper in its poop and on the ground living there 

for years but this is only the case with the use of a live vaccine. Do 

not use a live vaccine, they not only shed but have far more bad 

reactions . Killed vaccine or modified live is best. Do not skip the 

puppy series of shots but do NOT allow lepto to be added to the vaccine, so 

ask your vet what they are giving. I also recommend NOT giving 

rabies at 4 months along with the last puppy shot. Just to lessen 

severe reactions, wait  a month or even do it at 6 months. Parvo can 

kill your puppy very fast and if they do survive, will cost you 

thousands of $$$. Your dog will not be the same, and may have 

seizures and other issues after having parvo. When the 1 yr rolls 

around for the next set of shots ask for a titers test, It will cost more 

but it will also tell you if your dog is already immune to parvo and 

distemper. Possibly for life and you don't have to stress their 

immune system causing autoimmune issues and allergies, which is 

common from over vaccination.

Same with worming, you can take a poop sample to the vet and find 

out if they have worms. Why poison your dog if there are no worms?

Socializing your pup:

The absolute WORST PLACE to let your dog play or go potty is dog 

parks, parking lots (even at the vets), camp grounds and rest stops. 

Parvo lives in dirt or un-cleanable surfaces like driveways, for many 

years! In a store it is usually a slick surface and cleaned fairly 

regular so the germs are not there as often. So if you read and 

understood the part above about the pups immune system you now 

know that your pup is NOT safe until after 4 months and its last 

series of shots has had a chance to work, (3 weeks after the last 

shot). So when traveling and socializing BE CAREFUL! You can go to 

petco or dog class where it is cleaned but its best to wait as long as 

you can and don't let them potty in the parking lot!

If you have a flea or tick problem in your area, please research 

natural ways to control them. There are many flea treatments that 

your vet may tell you are safe and recommend them. If you can feed 

them a chew tablet or pill, or pour dip on their backs and it provides 

protection against fleas and ticks for an extended time, it is NOT 

SAFE! It is a poison you are putting into the body of your pet, it can 

make them sick, cause severe allergies and DEATH! Not all pets have 

a reaction to these products but they are still poison!
Puppy pictures 
male pup at 3 months
4 month old male pup

 Titan at 6 months old

Lieka Diamond In The Sky relaxing 9 months old

this is Peyton, a male from the same breeding last year 

male pup at 6 months

Ruckus at 9 months old 

Lieka Diamond In the Sky